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How does race affect our identity

on March 18, 2012

I think that race effect our identity in the different ways. Some people accept people with different skins but others don’t accept them. So when you live in a country with multiracial people it is easier to build your identity with no racial problems. There are schools with mix students and than it is normal for your family and friends to be different. When you grow up in a multicultural society you become tolerant to racial problems and you accept any type of diversity. In this way your identity grows in different way as if you live in a country with hostility to other races.

In that case going to school with separate children can not give you opportunity to know other people, to know their way of living and thinking. The lack of information gives rise to prejudice and hatred based on ignorance. In many cases this type of hatreds caused  a lot of pain and sadness. Many wars started because of insane prejudice based on wrong thinking and manipulating with people ignorance.

To prevent that negative thinking and growing up in a society with racial intolerance people must tend to know different culture, to visit other countries and accept people with different colour of skin.


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